Signing in Your Own Home

Interested in learning to sign in your own home?

I am a Certified Baby Signing Time Instructor.

I am currently offering in-home workshops in the greater Brisbane area, with excellent benefits. Get all your friends and family to come along to earn some free gifts including free Signing Time dvd's!

Workshops are a great sing and sign time, an amazing opportunity to learn how to teach your family sign language (and all the wonderful benefits that go along with that) in just a few hours.

Workshops are 3 hours (days and hours are up to you!) and only $35 per family.

There's a BONUS! If you would like to host a workshop at your home, and at least 5 families (including yours) attend, you receive a complimentary Signing Time gift pack! That's 3 dvd's and an audio CD - for free!

So get all your family and friends together, call them right away, and set the date for an exciting and fun day of signing for everyone : )

Please contact us to book your workshop today!