Baby Sign Language Class

Encouraging Early Communication

Learn from a Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor
4-week course for parents with baby ages 0-3

During a 4-week course you can learn over 30 signs for topics like food, playtime, manners, feelings, family & more! 

Classes designed for parents with their infants/toddlers ages 0-3.

Families take home resources and lesson outlines, including sign reference sheets to reinforce communication through sign.

Scientific research proves that signing with your hearing child can
     Reduce tantrums
     Boost memory and IQ
     Strengthen the bond between you and your child

Signing children:
  • Are better adjusted
  • Read at an earlier age
  • Are able to communicate their feelings before they can talk
  • Are able to learn and retain more effectively long term
  • Communicate at higher levels
  • Have increased self-esteem and confidence

I am not running a class at this time. 
Please contact me for more information.
In the mean time...

Start learning the basics in your own home: