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Top 5 reasons to order your Signing Time DVD Today:

1. Start Communicating NOW! Don't wait until your baby talks. Teaching your infant Sign Language reduces frustration and tantrums.

2. Strengthen your child's language. Speaking, reading, writing and spelling.

3. Build strong bonds as you focus on language with your child.

4. Start your child's education early. Signing is for everyone! Infants, toddlers, and kids.

5. Children can develop literacy skills before they start school.

Baby Signing Time Volume 1
"It's Baby Signing Time"
Baby's first step into signing! Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family! Baby Signing Time Volume 1 teaches the basics: Signs for everyday events in baby's life including eating, family, pets, and more.
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Baby Signing Time Volume 2
"Here I Go"
Baby Signing Time Volume 2 sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby's life: getting dressed, travelling, using polite manners, getting ready for bed, and more.
Clearing Sale $25!
*Limited Stock 1 left!*

"My First Signs" BOOK
This Signing Time Board Book is designed to go along with the first volume of Signing Time, but can be used separately. Great for story time, bedtime, and keeping your child entertained in the car!

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Why Signing Time DVD's?
  • The Signing Time songs, written and preformed by Rachel Coleman, are fun, engaging and loveable.
  • Watching Signing Time DVD's together can help strengthen the bond between parents and children.
  • Signing Time teaches actual sign language, not just baby signs.
  • Learning actual sign language from Signing Time is useful on a community level, in child care and education centres and in the public, not just in your family home.
  • Signing Time encourages and teaches acceptance and inclusion of people from many cultures, including people with disabilities, in wheelchairs, with hearing impairments, down syndrome and others.
  • Signing Time DVD's have won many awards and have proven to be excellent.
In fact, the reason why we have so many Signing Time DVD's in our personal collection at home was for teaching skills and values beyond signs.

I bought "Once Upon a Time" to encourage my 8 year old to like reading. It got him enthusiastic about books and helped persuade him to read more.

I bought "Helping out around the house" to encourage my kids to be happy about doing chores. I think I turned Gracie into a clean freak by accident. We just laugh and enjoy her helpful tendencies.

When I noticed my 6 year old Lanaya getting angry and frustrated, "Family, Feelings and Fun" helped her recognise what she was feeling, and showed her how to express her feelings in a healthy way. In fact, this DVD is my favourite recommendation for that reason.

There is "Welcome to school" for children who are apprehensive about going to school, "Let's Be Friends" for those who are having trouble with sharing and getting along, "Here I Go" for the train/truck/plane enthusiast, and "My Favourite Sport" for most Aussie families that love sport.

There is a Signing Time DVD for you, to meet your individual family needs.