Families everywhere are using Sign Language!

"Babies crawl before they walk and sign before they talk."
-Rachel Coleman, Co-creator of Signing Time

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It's Baby Signing Time

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Sign language helps in so many ways!

"How Can I Get Started Today?"
Baby Signing Time Volume 1
"It's Baby Signing Time"
Baby's first step into signing! Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family! Baby Signing Time Volume 1 teaches the basics: Signs for everyday events in baby's life including eating, family, pets, and more.  
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I want to share with you the reason why we personally have so many Signing Time dvd's in our home collection. I believe these dvd's are priceless tools that teach skills and values way beyond signs.

I bought "Once Upon a Time" to encourage my 8 year old to like reading. It worked like a charm!

I bought "Helping out around the house" to encourage them all to be happy about doing chores. I think I turned Gracie into a clean freak by accident. We just laugh and enjoy it.

When I noticed my 6 year old getting angry and frustrated, "Family, Feelings and Fun" helped her recognise what she was feeling, and helped her express her feelings in a healthy way.  
In fact, this dvd is my favourite for that reason.

There is "Welcome to school" for children who are apprehensive about going to school, "Let's Be Friends" for those who are having trouble with sharing and getting along, "Here I Go" for the train/truck/plane enthusiast, and
"My Favourite Sport" for the family that loves sport.
There is something available for you. Click here to see more.

* VERY INTERESTING * A study in the US found that babies raised in bilingual homes increases the number of synapses between the two hemispheres of the brain. That means better memory and increased lateral thinking processes for those bilingual babies. It doesn't matter which language a child learns, research has proved that learning another language, including Sign Language, improves a child's cognitive development. Research also suggests learning a second language helps with mathematical skills as well as reading, speaking and writing in your first language. How amazing is that!

So clearly, using Sign Language with your family, no matter what age they are is worth it!

When you think about it, signing makes sense. Children naturally make gestures before they learn to speak. We have all cooed and awwed over our child's first wave "buh-bye", and "blowing a kiss" to daddy, lifting their arms up for "pick me up", or simply shaking their head "No". But we forget that this is naturally what they do to create their own "sign language". Boosting their communication by teaching them actual Sign Language has amazing results.

Parenting is difficult. We all know that - or we learn it very quickly early on. There's always a long list of To-Do's and never enough seconds in the day. Signing takes the guesswork out of your child's cries and fits. They CAN'T tell you what they want. So they scream. Their voice box's are not physically developed enough for them to speak properly until 2 or 3 years old.

With sign language, children can "speak" to you at about 6 months old! They no longer have to cry out in frustration - they can sign. You no longer need to pull your hair out and cry yourself to sleep because you cannot understand what is wrong with your crying baby. They can tell you themselves. Its up to us to teach them how.
For older children the benefits of learning Sign Language are too many to list. My favourite reason is this: When children are taught signs like "happy", "hungry", "angry", "sad", and "tired", all of the feeling signs, they begin to understand, recognise, personalise, and clearly communicate how they feel. This is an important part of building confidence in our kids. But the list goes on...

Scientific Research proves that signing with your family can reduce tantrums, boost memory and IQ, and strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Signing children:
  • Are better adjusted
  • Read at an earlier age
  • Are able to communicate their feelings before they can talk
  • Are able to learn and retain more effectively long term
  • Communicate at higher levels
  • Have increased self-esteem and confidence
Signing can have amazing benefits for hearing children and miraculous effects for children with special needs.

To gain all the benefits of sign language, and teach your family in your own home check out our Signing Time DVD's, available for the first time in Australia through Sign Australia.